Friday, February 16, 2018

Checking In...Updates for Sour eMail February 16, 2018

Email Best Practices and More

Sorry for the long hiatus here.  Been busy with some new clients and work and while I continue to focus on email marketing, I've been branching out into other areas in support of my client work.

I've been working for about a year now with a software company that supplies operational software to RV, power sports, marine and auto dealerships.  Small but growing and focus right now is in the RV space, so I've been focusing my publishing efforts there. Here's some recent posts in one of the major online magazines and news engines for that industry which are relevant for Sour eMail.

December 2017 - Email Marketing Best Practices - 10 Tips for Success

February 2018 - Steps to the Sale - Tips to Improve Sales Conversion

I also have an upcoming speaking engagement in San Francisco on Customer Experience Mapping.  I'll post details of what that covers later, but here's details on that event.  

Stay tuned for more insights and information in the email and customer relationship area.

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